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Rutger van Gelder was born in Enschede (Holland) in 1984, screamin so loud during his birth the doctors immediately noticed this little kid really wanted to be heard. Although they predicted a glorious future at the local church choir, Rutger eventually learned to speak his voice in another way.

He grew up listening to his brother abusing turntables in the attic, and two sisters singing just all day long. This contributed to his massive affection for music. While listening to all styles of music he slowly began to discover his own sound, and at the age of 13 he used a computer to combine samples, vocals en loops to record this sound. When he found out the same result could be reached using turntables and a mixer his irresistible urge of being a DJ was born. Especially concerning the fact he would be showing these skills for a crowd now! His career started with local events, followed by a variety of nightclubs and developed to a massive amount of different party’s. While his DJ career developed his producing skills grew too, fabricating tracks and remixes in all sorts of genres, supported by the biggest DJ’s to walk the earth.

Rutger van Gelder's tracks also often appear in radioshows, like 'Evolved' on Topradio (BE) and SlamFM (NL), his 'Keltic' remix on SlamFM and Radio538 (NL) and his 'Lambda - Hold On Tight' remix, which appeared on DJ Jean @ Work (SlamFM). We should also add that Evolved made it to no.6 in the Belgian iTunes Chart.

Nowadays, he's performing in various clubs and on a variety of events across the Netherlands, letting the crowd reach their zenith by providing house-based DJ sets.

Combining classic sounds, fresh beats and dazzling vocals using revolutionary techniques, this DJ is about to change nightlife as you know it.


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Steff Da Campo - Candyman (Rutger van Gelder Remix)

Mar 24, 2011 0 reacties

"Na hear this!"

I'm proud to announce I'm remixing 'Candyman', by Steff Da Campo. Since this used to be one my favorite house tracks (even back when I was still playing hardstyle) it's a big deal for me! This track is also being remixed by great producers like Addy van der Zwan, Roy Gates & Ron Vellow. More info soon!

Listen to the original mix here:

Loud & Clear March 2011

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Once again, I'm a li'l late with posting my latest monthly mix Loud & Clear on my blog, but here it is!

Loud & Clear, March 2011 - by Rutger van Gelder

Stream/download: Soundcloud
Download: Speedyshare

Also got a few requests to upload old editions of Loud & Clear, so I'll get on that ASAP!

Thanks for downloading & listening!


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A few nice gigs coming up! This saturday I'll be playing with Steff Da Campo during 'Pure' in Dokkum. A week later I'm performing in Haaksbergen (which is my hometown!) for 'Behind Silence'. Also got nice Queensnight & Liberation Day gigs (Dokkum & Leeuwarden) coming up and a performance planned in Time-Out (Gemert) during Jacob van Hage's B-Day Bash. Of course, that's only the tip o/t iceberg, so I'll post a more detailed schedule later.

POP artist!

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Hi everybody!

I'm proud to announce that I'm collaberating with another established producer to create the music for a new dutch pop artist! Since I don't know if I'm allowed to give you a name yet, I can only tell this artist was part of a hit band in 90's! More info soon!